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General information

We are a small team crew members operating on Ryanair planes that believe there is a need for a tool that connects us all and helps us combine our private life with the unusual scheduling of our work. We created roster viewer initially for this purpose and then added extra features that now makes Roster Viewer an essential app to manage your planning and connect with colleagues.

Any Ryanair crew member, both Cabin Crew and Pilots can use Roster Viewer.

You have complete control over the data you send to us. All you send to is stays with us until you decide to delete your account, nowhere else. When deleting your account, we erase all traces of you in our database.

We funded the website ourselves and managed to keep the costs at a minimum so far. We will neither put adverts on the website nor ask for a subscription fee. It's completely free now, and we will do all we can to keep it that way.

Sure ! And we would be happy to hear it ! Any suggestions are welcome and a lot of the current features are based on requests we already received from colleagues. We have a big TODO list that keeps us busy most of the time, but that is what we enjoy doing and we get satisfaction in knowing we make everyone's life easier.


By clicking on the calendar link provided in your calendar section directly from your mobile or tablet. It should open your calendar app and ask you if you wish to subscribe to the calendar. Tap YES, and your calendar should now be displayed and will sync automatically every time you update your roster.

You can synchronize as many devices as you want, your own and your friends' and family's as well. Only send them the link given in the calendar section, and let them follow the same procedure as you did on your own device.

On most calendar app (including ones in iOS, OSX and Android) you can refresh your calendar manually somewhere in the options, which should solve the problem. However it should at some point go fetch your updated data by itself. We have had troubles in the past with Google Calendar caching the data and not updating for 12 to 24 hours but eventually it all gets done automatically.

The only thing we need to set up your previsional calendar is your roster pattern (ex. 5ON 3OFF alternating early/late) and any day one early. From there, we compute your personal previsional calendar so you can plan betteryour free time and holidays. Check it out in Calendar -> Previsional Calendar.


Your Ryanair roster is private and only you has access to it. We have no way of fetching it from crewdock without your own personal login and password which we would never asked for. Therefore the easiest way is for you to copy and paste your roster in the update roster section and we will take care of the rest. You should do this every time a new roster comes out if you want to keep your data up to date.

To update your roster, first go to crewdock and display your roster as you do every week. Select everything on that page (Ctrl+A / Cmd+A / use the mouse or via the context menu on your mobile device, long tap then select all), then copy it (Ctrl+A, Cmd+A, right click, and tap copy). Go back to roster viewer in the update section, and paste it in the text area. Press update, wait a few seconds, and you're all set ! Remember to do this every time your roster changes !

Every time your roster changes, typically once a week !

Good news if you use Ryalizer, you can join the best of both worlds by automating the process of updating your roster using Ryalizer. The way to do it is to activate your Public Roster Link in your Ryalizer's settings, copy the link provided and put it in the Ryalizer Link section on the update roster page. Roster Viewer will now fetch your roster from that link every night (or when you press Force Fetch), so as long as you keep Ryalizer updated, you don't have to worry about Roster Viewer.

This happens when some structural information got lost during the the copy/paste operation. In other words we can't differentiate each field from the roster (for example differentiate the date from the flight number, of the flight number from the scheduled block off...). We suggest you try the copy/ paste operation from another browser (chrome, firefox and safari seem to work most of the time), or device (some older smartphones tend to break the structure).