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Roster Viewer is a web tool developed by and for Ryanair crews. We aim at simplifying our lives by having at hand a complete tool to display, manage, and share our roster.

Please check out below some of the awesome features we have implemented, and many more to come in the future.

This service is completely FREE, so feel free to sign up, and discover a new way of looking at your roster !

Previsional roster
Find out if you're ON or OFF at any date in the future and for any roster pattern !

Flight Map
Check out your routes and destinations on our brand new clearer, neater flight map !

Subscribe to your own roster on your mobile and tablet calendar app and have it with you all the time !
Connect with your colleagues to find out who you are flying with, share your roster with your friends and family.
Flight Map that you can share.
Block hours and many more stats.
Interactive subscribable Calendar for your mobile and tablet.

Best of all, it's completely FREE

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